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Lincoln offers over 65 years of experience providing quality education. Partner with us and you can be headed toward a rewarding career.

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Electrician and Electronics training... for a better career and a brighter future!

What will I learn at Lincoln's Electrical school?

Lincoln’s Electrician and Electronics training were designed to meet society’s continuous demands for electricity and electronics support in business and residential settings. Electricity is essential to everyday life, and opportunities for qualified electricians continue to grow as emerging energy technologies continue to develop.

Lincoln’s Electrician and Electronics schools focuses on prepping students for installation and service of residential, commercial, and industrial systems. In this field, electricians and electronics systems technicians work at construction sites, homes, large corporations and in any places where someone with technical skills in high- or low-voltage technology is needed.

Around the country Lincoln schools offer a range of training programs to prepare you for a career working with high-voltage electrical equipment, low-voltage electronics, and even Green Technology like renewable energy advancements.  Training programs vary by campus, and include:

  • Electrical and Renewable Energy Technology (in Connecticut): Gain hands-on experience working with alternate energy technologies like fuel cells, photovoltaic systems, wind turbines and more. Work in labs and shop classes on wiring connector boxes, service panels, light fixtures, and alarm systems. And tackle residential, industrial and commercial wiring on circuit boards, lights, switches and appliances.
  • Electrical and Electronic Systems Technology (in New Jersey): Receive hands-on training using tools to properly install and maintain service panels, lighting fixtures, alarm systems, cabling systems, industrial motors, and conduit benders. Learn to install, troubleshoot and service fire alarm systems, home theater equipment, closed-circuit TV systems, Satellite/cable TV equipment, and whole-home automation equipment. Get trained in both the high-and-low voltage sides of the industry!
  • Electronic Systems Technician (in Columbia, MD; Atlanta, GA; Indianapolis, IN; and Melrose Park, IL): Focus on critical low-voltage technology systems like home security systems, home theater setup, alarm and nurse call systems, and much more!
    Campuses that currently offer training in this program area are listed below, as well as links to exact program informational fact sheets:


    Columbia (LCT)-MD

    East Windsor-CT




    Melrose Park-IL

    New Britain-CT

    Shelton (LTI)-CT